• Macro University: Exposing for Blacks

    Getting good details in black colored subjects can be a challenge.  It is easy to underexpose and clip the the blacks leaving no detail.  It is also possible to overexpose them cause them to feel washed out and hollow.  Getting that exposure just right can be the difference between a great image and a mediocre one.

  • Vacation Photography Part 2: Planning Your Shoot

    So, you’re going on vacation and you’re determined to do some shooting while you’re away but you want to minimize time away from your loved ones. In this post we’ll talk about how you can do some pre-planning in order to make the most of your limited vacation hours.

  • Macro University: How Light Meters Work

    When you go to take an images with your camera it uses an internal light meter to determine the exposure settings that are best for the scene.  Have you ever wondered where those numbers come from or how the light meter is determining them? The answers will affect how you shoot and what exposure you ultimately want to use.

  • Using Macro Techniques in Family Photography

    If you’ve ever taken family photographs whether they be candid shots of your own family, formal portrait shots for a client, friend, or family member or even a “day-in-the-life” type shoot you know that this can be one of the more frantic and stressful types of work that you do.  It’s very easy to get caught up in getting the familiar shots that we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing when we t...

  • Vacation Photography Part 1: Why You Should Shoot on Vacation

    Are you planning a summer vacation this year?  No matter if you’re headed to your favorite beach, mountain cabin, exotic foreign locale or even just staying home for some R&R try to take some time to focus on your photography and get out and shoot. Vacations give us a chance to center ourselves while we unwind and decompress. During these down-times we can refocus our creative energy t...