500px.com is a fantastic place to find inspiring photographs and photographers.   Here are 10 amazing macro photographers on 500px.  Some of them post macro shots exclusively while others have some spectacular macro shots sprinkled in with other styles but all of them are incredible.

Do you have  a personal favorite macro photographer?  Please let us know in the comments!

Ondrej Pakan - http://500px.com/biker11

Without a doubt some of the most beautiful macro shots of insects I've ever seen.  A must follow if you're interested in insect photography.

Uda Dennie - http://500px.com/udadennie

There are some really spectacular insect macros and macro photo-art shots mixed in throughout Uda Dennie's photo stream.

Dave Wood - http://500px.com/DaveWood

Dave Wood has some really interesting water droplet macros as well as some water droplet photo art that is really creative and fun.

bug eye  - http://500px.com/bug_eye

As his name might suggest, bug eye is a master at insect macros.

Mika Asai - http://500px.com/mikichobi

Really fantastic water droplet macros.

Vincentius Ferdinand - http://500px.com/Ferdinand

Another great insect photographer.

Teguh Santosa - http://500px.com/teguhsn

His work is very similar to Vincentius.  Very clean and natural shots of insects in the wild.

Mustafa Ozturk - http://500px.com/Blackdiamond67

The first thing you'll notice with Mustafa Ozturk is the absolutely gorgeous colors he incorporates into his macro shots.

Niko Vass - http://500px.com/nikovoyage

Niko seems to stick to either water droplets or lady bugs, all of which are amazing.

John Cogan - http://500px.com/casseris

Not quite on par with Ondrej Pakan but really, really close.