Spring is just around the corner and if you happen to live in the north-eastern United States you probably can’t wait for warmer weather and a little less of that fluffy white stuff.  To help you get motivated to pick up that camera and head outdoors into that mild weather here are 10 beautiful spring-inspired macro shots from across the internet.


Spring is a great time of year for macro and close-up photography.



From 500px:

1.) Blossom by Rina Barbieri

2.) A New Morning II by LucVanDeWeghe

3.) After Rain by Siddhant Sahu

4.) Flower in the Heaven by Sophie Pan

5.) Crocus by Karl Oparka


From The Close-Up Project Flickr Group

1.) Purple Flower

2.) Catepillar

3.) Spider On Iris

4.) Apricot Flower

5.) Klower


Now, It’s your turn!  Dust off that camera and find those tiny spring worlds.  Don’t forget to share your photos in the comments or in our Flickr group.