For a few years now I have dreamed about building a system like this for myself.  The crew at Adaptalux has developed this incredible lighting system,  So why will it be helpful to all of us macro shooters out there?





One of the keys to great lighting is being able to use multiple light sources on your subject.  This, however, can be very difficult to do with macro because of the small scale of the subjects.  Most gear is designed for much larger subjects.


Why are the multiple lighting sources important?  This is how you create emotion and depth in your images.  You can create emotion by darkening one side of the image for example.  Or, create some depth by placing a point of light in the back.  These are just two simple examples from a list that could warrant a post of its own.




One of the things that excites me the most about this product is being able to light a macro shot just like I would for any other shoot.  The flexibility of the Adaptalux system allows you to add a huge range of lighting options to your macro arsenal.  As with all things lighting, having a large tool box is the key.





It’s important to note that this system is based on constant light as opposed to flash.  Constant lights can be use can be helpful for photography in a few ways.  One being what you see is what you get which allows you to dial in your shot faster than with flash.  With moving subjects like insects timing is everything.  Additionally, as a macro cinematographer this constant light kit will fit right in with my motion lighting gear.




The Adaptalux system appears to be a fantastic lighting system for macro photographers.  Since macro photography is such a niche market, it’s not very often we see new products developed for us so it’s nice to see an up-and-coming company creating something new and interesting for us!  At the time of writing this the team was almost halfway to their goal of $149,534 with 27 days to go. We will be supporting their campaign and we hope you will too.


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