Thank you to everyone who contributed to our latest photo challenge. The response was fantastic and you guys made it a real challenge to pick some winners. The submissions covered a wide range of subject matter and there was some really great creativity. You can view the entire set of submissions on our Flickr pool.

That being said, congratulations to our winner Chris Andrews! Chris submitted a ton of great shots but the winning photo was his fantastic close-up shot of a bird’s eye.  In a really interesting coincidence, I had included this exact shot in our first annual newsletter before he submitted it to the contest!

Our first runner up is Flickr user ringperm with his beautifully detailed shot of a housefly.

And finally, our third runner up was Flickr user R a m e z who submitted so many great shots we had to include him in the list of winners.  We really enjoyed his corn on the cob shots and his interesting take on some common household items like keys and pencils.

Stay tuned for details on our next photo challenge which may include some new prizes for our winners (we’re still working through the details).  In the meantime please keep submitting photos to the Flickr pool!