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  • 10 Gorgeous Macro Shots to Get You Motivated for Spring

    Spring is just around the corner and if you happen to live in the north-eastern United States you probably can’t wait for warmer weather and a little less of that fluffy white stuff.  To help you get motivated to pick up that camera and head outdoors into that mild weather here are 10 beautiful spring-inspired macro shots from across the internet.

  • Weekly Round-Up - Mining Vintage Photographs

    I realize I’ve missed a week or 2 but here are some great links that I hope will make up for it!  As always, please feel free to share what you find along the way in the comments.


    Converted limestone mine houses millions of old ...

  • Weekly Round Up - Extreme Close-Up


    If you’re willing to sit still for 30 minutes Swiss photographer Daniel Boschung and his robot can provide you with an extreme close-up of your face…if you’d want that sort of things.  The resulting images are amazing and slightly disconcerting at the same time.  

    Weekly Round-Up

    This week we take a look at the struggles of photo journalists in Crimea, using Photoshop responsibly, some really geeky gear, along with our usual assortment of inspirational articles and images.

    The Business of Photography

    If you’re covering the rebell...

  • Weekly Round-Up

    Each week in our weekly round-up we’re simply looking to share some great photography related links from around the web.  We try to cover different areas such as current events, tutorials, inspiration, and photography news.  If you’ve found any interesting articles please share in the comments.


    Feb 24, 2014

    Weekly Round-Up 1

    This is the first of what we hope will be a weekly post where we scour the web for some of the best photography stories, gear releases, and inspirational macro shots from the previous week.  So, without further ado, here is this week’s round-up:


    Photography Class on Reddit

  • Photo Challenge

    For our 5th photo challenge we’re asking you to go out and get some macro or close-up shots of winter weather. If you happen to live somewhere that doesn’t have the typical winter weather simply submit some weather related shots! Use your imagination and have fun (and don’t forget your camera’s protective gear). Please submit your photos before April 1st. The winner will receive a free t-shi...

  • Photo Challenge

    Congratulations to Steve Miller, our winner for our fourth photo challenge!  Steve submitted some beautiful holiday themed shots.  As a thank you for sharing his wonderful work we’re sending Steve a brand new Close-Up Project T-shirt.  Here are ju...

  • Photo Challenge

    Congratulations again to the winners from our last photo challenge!  We got such a great response from the open format of the last challenge that we’ve decided to keep an on-going free-for-all category.  During each challenge period we’ll pick a winner i...

  • Announcing the Winners of Photo Challenge 3

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to our latest photo challenge. The response was fantastic and you guys made it a real challenge to pick some winners. The submissions covered a wide range of subject matter and there was some really great creativity. You can view the entire set of submissions on our Flickr pool...

  • Looking for New Macro or Close-Up Subjects? Try Your Local Zoo

    There are times in the life of every macro photographer when you just get a bit bored shooting flowers and insects. Don’t get me wrong, these are great subjects and their are huge varieties of each right in your backyard. But sometimes as photographers we crave something new, different, and maybe a little exotic. You could pick up a couple of plane tickets to an exotic local in the hopes of ...

  • Photo Challenge

    Congratulations, once again, to Edward Conde who is the default winner of our 2nd photo challenge - “Patterns”. Edward was the only one to submit photos to the Flickr site during the entry timeframe. You can view his entries on The Close-Up Project Flickr Page.

  • Photo Challenge

    Thanks again to everyone who submitted photographs during our first photo challenge - spring flowers!  We were really impressed with all of the entires and selecting a winner was very difficult.  Today we’re announcing the theme for our next phot...

  • Macro Photography Link Roundup

    This is the first in what I hope will be a regular post in which I share some great macro focused links from around the web. I hope you find something interesting!

    • Absolutely stunning animal eye macros - Part 1, Jun 27, 2013

      3 Sites To Better Your Macro Strobist Lighting

      Several years ago I started trying the strobist style of shooting instead of big studio lights when possible, which turned out to be most of the time. The concept behind the strobist movement is simple -- use the top mount flashes for your DSLR off camera.  Many photographers already have one or several of these flashes in their bag.  By taking them o...

    • Photo Challenge Winners - Spring Flowers

      Thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever photo challenge!  We got some really great shots from everyone involved.  Here are the photographers we chose as the winners of the spring flowers challenge.

      1. Edward Conde</br></...
      2. Photo Challenge

        The Close-up Project is happy to announce our first photo challenge!  Because Spring is in the air, we’re asking you to go out and shoot those beautiful Spring flowers.  Flowers make great macro subjects because of the great colors, and detail and the fact that they generally stay pretty still.  For a chance to have your photographs featured in an upcoming post on The Close-Up Project  simpl...

      3. 10 Amazing Macro Photographers to Follow is a fantastic place to find inspiring photographs and photographers.   Here are 10 amazing macro photographers on 500px.  Some of them post macro shots exclusively while others have some spectacular macro shots sprinkled in with other styles but all of them are incredible.

        Do you have  a personal favorite macro photographer...