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Macro University: Color 1, White Balance

Why does white balance matter, if I shoot raw I can just fix it later right?  Have you ever said these words?  White balance matters for several reasons.  First, it will save you a ton of time in post if you nail it correctly while shooting.  Second, even when you fix it in posit will […]

Macro University: Exposure, Deeper Look 1 : F-Stop vs T-Stop

If you’re even somewhat serious about your photography you are most like very familiar with the term “F-Stop.”  We are all used to seeing the F-number on our lenses which tells us the maximum F-stop that the lens is capable of.  We know that we can manipulate our depth of field by adjusting the F-stop. […]

Macro University: Exposure 1, Determining Exposure

Exposure is one of the most important concepts in image creation.  Whether photography or cinematography the principles are the same.  In either case you are using light to turn your creative vision into reality.  The key is learning how to manipulate the light to match your vision.   When you are using a camera, there are […]

Macro University: Composition 2, Guiding The Viewers Eye Through The Image

The basic concept of composition revolves around what to include in your image and where it appears within the frame.  As you go through the process of creating your image there are many things to consider,  one of them being how do you want to guide the viewer’s eye through the image?       How do […]

Macro University: Composition 1, The Rule Of Thirds

When you set out to take a photo one of the first questions you ask yourself is:  what do I want to include in the frame?  The position of your subject within the frame of your photograph is called composition.  Like many aspects of photography, composition is a fairly easy concept to understand but can be […]

Macro University – Culturally Speaking, What Is Macro Photography

This is the third and final article in our “What Is Macro?” series.  Macro photography has come to have a variety of different meanings in the world today.  It is a term used loosely to describe an idea, a small subject shown as large with greater detail than normally seen.  It does not have to […]

Macro University – Philosophically Speaking, What is Macro

This is the second in our three part series “What is Macro”. Philosophically macro is a perspective through which one looks at the world around them, of trying to view the small details making up the larger world.  We see the big stuff everywhere we go, the bridge that is a part of our daily […]

Macro University – Technically Speaking, What is Macro Photography?

This post is the first in a three part series looking at “What Is Macro”.  Through out the series we will examine macro photography from a technical, philosophical, and cultural perspective.  In today’s photography world there are a wide range of images that claim to be macro photographs.  We’ll take a look at a lot […]

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