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Behind the Shot #4, Executing a Creative Vision

When you start a project or campaign for a client one of the first questions is: what is the creative vision?  Sometimes it comes from the client, other times it is from an Art Director or Executive Producer.  In this case it was an Art Director who also asked for input and ideas from me. […]

Macro Greenery

What Macro Means to Me By Jon White

Let me start by making it clear that I am not a professional photographer.  Yes, I’ve been paid for a few jobs here and there, mostly friends and family who are looking for some nice portraits or maternity photos.  Photography for me is, at the least, a hobby and at the most an artistic pursuit […]

What Macro Means To Me, By Dave Evans

This is the first in our series “What Macro Means To Me” where photographers and cinematographers talk about what macro imaging means to them and their work.  Macro has as many different applications as there are image-makers and the story of each of these artists is the story of macro imaging. As a kid I […]

On The Shoot # 3, Going The Extra Mile

Recently I was covering a golf outing for a client.  It was your normal kind of outing assignment.  Lots of group photos, candids, shots with branding and so on.  These can easily be the types of jobs that feel like if you have done it once you have done it a million times. This shot […]

On The Shoot #2 – Macro Prime or Zoom Lens

One of the ongoing debates in the photography world is prime lenses versus the zooms.  It has been going on since the development of the first commercially available zoom lens for still photography in 1959.  Most of the early zooms left a lot to be desired but the technology has come a long way.  Many […]

Exposure With Ice And Snow

Winter storms are a unique time to shoot, both during and immediately afterward.  They change the landscape as well as show the details of subjects in a different way.  These features play to one of the strengths of macro photography, showing the world from a different perspective.   However, ice and snow do provide some interesting […]

Get Your Macro Photography Themed Shirts Here!

We here at The Close-Up Project are happy to announce that you can now get your very own CUP swag!  We’ve opened a shop over at CafePress.com.  Right now we’re offering just a single design that highlights one of the fundamental principals of macro photography: the ratio of the size of the subject and the […]

Photo Challenge #4 – Holiday Season (This Time We’ve Got Prizes)

Congratulations again to the winners from our last photo challenge!  We got such a great response from the open format of the last challenge that we’ve decided to keep an on-going free-for-all category.  During each challenge period we’ll pick a winner in the free-for-all category and a winner in our themed category.  This time around […]

Macro Focusing Rails

Focusing rails are by far one of the most useful tools available to the macro photographer.  They allow you to make several different changes to your focusing point and image composition without having to move the tripod or camera stand.  You can tweak little aspects of your images without having to start from scratch because […]

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