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Induro Carbon CT Series 8X CT314 Review

Last summer I was looking for a heavy duty tripod, somthing carbon fiber and with a weight capacity around 40 pounds.  I started looking at some tripods from Really Right Stuff and Gitzo.  Then I gave the guys at Allen’s Camera a call to talk about what I was in the market for.  (A little […]

Canon MR-14EX II Initial Review

A few months ago when I saw Canon was releasing a new version of their ring flash I called the guys at Allen’s Camera and asked them to get me the first one that came through the door.  I have been eagerly waiting for them to become available.  Last week they called to say the […]

Dot-Line 60 LED Ring Light Review

Last fall I was at my local camera store when I saw the Dot-Line LED ring light.  I was not sure how I felt about the idea of an LED light.  I had heard mixed reviews about LED lights in general.  Specifically a friend who is a DP (Director Of Photography) for video work told […]

ThinkTank Shape Shifter Review

The search for the perfect camera bag is a quest that all photographers share. I can’t count how many bags I have tried over the years. What I have discovered is there is no perfect bag, no jack-of-all-trades. You will end up with an assortment of different bags in your stable for different purposes. That […]

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