• Macro University: Color 1, White Balance

    Why does white balance matter, if I shoot raw I can just fix it later right?  Have you ever said these words?  White balance matters for several reasons.  First, it will save you a ton of time in post if you nail it correctly while shooting.  Second, even when you fix it in posit will never look quite the same.  I feel like there is always some color shift and a lose of pope to the image.

  • Macro University: Exposure, Deeper Look 1 : F-Stop vs T-Stop

    If you’re even somewhat serious about your photography you are most like very familiar with the term “F-Stop.”  We are all used to seeing the F-number on our lenses which tells us the maximum F-stop that the lens is capable of.  We know that we can manipulate our depth of field by adjusting the F-stop.  However, this is only part of the story.  There is another, much less understood term: T-...

  • Behind the Shot

    When you start a project or campaign for a client one of the first questions is: what is the creative vision?  Sometimes it comes from the client, other times it is from an Art Director or Executive Producer.  In this case it was an Art Director who also asked for input and ideas from me.  He and I sat down for a creative meeting, looked through some work I had done on a similar shoot and pu...

  • Macro University: Exposure 1, Determining Exposure

    Exposure is one of the most important concepts in image creation.  Whether photography or cinematography the principles are the same.  In either case you are using light to turn your creative vision into reality.  The key is learning how to manipulate the light to match your vision.

  • Induro Carbon CT Series 8X CT314 Review

    Last summer I was looking for a heavy duty tripod, somthing carbon fiber and with a weight capacity around 40 pounds.  I started looking at some tripods from Really Right Stuff and Gitzo.  Then I gave the guys at Allen’s Camera a call to talk about what I was in the market for.  (A little aside - I have been shopping with Allen’s for man...