• Kickstarter Alert: Adaptalux Lighting System

    For a few years now I have dreamed about building a system like this for myself.  The crew at Adaptalux has developed this incredible lighting system, adaptalux.com.  So why will it be helpful to all of us macro shooters out there?

  • Macro University: Composition 2, Guiding The Viewers Eye Through The Image

    The basic concept of composition revolves around what to include in your image and where it appears within the frame.  As you go through the process of creating your image there are many things to consider,  one of them being how do you want to guide the viewer’s eye through the image?

  • 10 Gorgeous Macro Shots to Get You Motivated for Spring

    Spring is just around the corner and if you happen to live in the north-eastern United States you probably can’t wait for warmer weather and a little less of that fluffy white stuff.  To help you get motivated to pick up that camera and head outdoors into that mild weather here are 10 beautiful spring-inspired macro shots from across the internet.

  • Macro University: Composition 1, The Rule Of Thirds

    When you set out to take a photo one of the first questions you ask yourself is:  what do I want to include in the frame?  The position of your subject within the frame of your photograph is called composition.  Like many aspects of photography, composition is a fairly easy concept to understand but can be extremely difficult to master. Good composition is one of the factors that can help to...

  • What Macro Means to Me By Jon White

    Let me start by making it clear that I am not a professional photographer.  Yes, I’ve been paid for a few jobs here and there, mostly friends and family who are looking for some nice portraits or maternity photos.  Photography for me is, at the least, a hobby and at the most an artistic pursuit that allows me to flex my limited creative muscle.  I enjoy all types of photography from landscap...