• What Macro Means to Me By Jon White

    Let me start by making it clear that I am not a professional photographer.  Yes, I’ve been paid for a few jobs here and there, mostly friends and family who are looking for some nice portraits or maternity photos.  Photography for me is, at the least, a hobby and at the most an artistic pursuit that allows me to flex my limited creative muscle.  I enjoy all types of photography from landscap...

  • What Macro Means To Me, By Dave Evans

    This is the first in our series “What Macro Means To Me” where photographers and cinematographers talk about what macro imaging means to them and their work.  Macro has as many different applications as there are image-makers and the story of each of these artists is the story of macro imaging.

  • On The Shoot

    Recently I was covering a golf outing for a client.  It was your normal kind of outing assignment.  Lots of group photos, candids, shots with branding and so on.  These can easily be the types of jobs that feel like if you have done it once you have done it a million times. <...

  • Canon MR-14EX II Initial Review

    A few months ago when I saw Canon was releasing a new version of their ring flash I called the guys at Allen’s Camera and asked them to get me the first one that came through the door.  I have been eagerly waiting for them to become available.  Last week they called to say the first few had come in and I ran over to pick mine up.

  • Macro University - Culturally Speaking, What Is Macro Photography

    This is the third and final article in our “What Is Macro?” series.  Macro photography has come to have a variety of different meanings in the world today.  It is a term used loosely to describe an idea, a small subject shown as large with greater detail than normally seen.  It does not have to be an image of 1:1 reproduction with this understanding. ...