Thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever photo challenge!  We got some really great shots from everyone involved.  Here are the photographers we chose as the winners of the spring flowers challenge.

  1. Edward Conde</br></br> Edward submitted some really great shots of entire flowers as well as some extreme close-ups of individual flower parts. Check out a select few of his photos below. If you're interested in seeing more of his work you can find many more shots on his Flickr Page. He also posts about his photography and growing pains on his blog. Or, you can find all the places Edward shares his work by visiting his page.

    Orange Flower Macro By Edward Conde


    Flower Stamen Macro by Edward Conde


    Misted Petals Flower Macro by Edward Conde

  2. Little Joey </br></br> Little Joey takes our second place slot with some gorgeous shots of water droplet covered blooms. Find more of Little Joey's work on his Flickr page.

    Droplets on a Flower Macro by Little Joey

    White Flower Macro by Little Joey

  3. Michael V. Kelly</br></br> Taking third place with a stunning shot of water droplets on a rose is Michael V. Kelly. You can find many more beautiful macro shots by Michael here

    Water Droplets on Rose by Michael V. Kelly


Thanks again to everyone who participated in our first ever photo challenge. We’ll be announcing the subject of our next challenge very soon so stay tuned!