We did what they say you should not, at least as creatives.  We let life overwhelm us a bit and fell off from doing one of the creative things we love namely, this site.  Over the past couple years we have had some job changes, new babies and the other life events that busy families endure. Although these were all wonderful things, The Close-Up Project suffered a bit as a result.  We are not content to let the CUP suffer a slow internet death however. It will no longer be one of those blogs that lives on with stale, outdated content. Not only are we getting back into this passion project, we are going to work hard to make it one of the premier destination for macro and close-up photography. A high bar we know.

We have a lot planned for the re-booted site which we’ll announce as time goes on but among the biggest things we are planning is to create some video content to go along with our written posts.  We absolutely believe that video should be part of the CUP experience and we hope you’ll enjoy what we put together.

This is one of my favorite photos. It took several days and thousands upon thousands of frames to produce. I staked out my spot and waited. Shoot and shoot. It is one of the greatest feeling when you can bring the images you see in you mind to life.

We will continue to focus on education in our Macro University section. We’ll be discussing techniques for when you’re out shooting as well as when you’re back at your computer for post-processing. We’ll talk a lot about close-up and macro photography (obviously) but this section should help you with your general photography as well. Our hope is this will equip you with the knowledge and skill to go create the images you can see in your head.

We love technology and gear.  The new possibilities that are opened up with new advances drives use to make new, better and more creative art.  I am a self proclaimed nerd and gear head so we’ll be doing more gear reviews and how-to’s. Of course we’ll be focusing on how to use this gear for your close-up and macro photography.

My youngest son loves toads. When he was 5 he was working in my moms garden and came across this little guy, may have been the size of a quarter. Was able to grab a few shots while he was holding him with my macro lens. Love the shot and love that every time I see it I smile and think of the little boy he used to be.

Inspiration is a vital part of any photographers drive and dedication to the craft. I love going through sites like 500PX and Instagram to look at the amazing work that others are creating. Viewing the work of others is a great source of inspiration.  It is motivation as well as sparking ideas you will want to pursue. We’re hoping to have a photographer’s spotlight section where we take a closer look at a specific artist and their work

What would you like to see on the site?  What gear and techniques interest you or have you curious?  Ask us any questions you may have or share anything with our community that can make us all better photographers.  Share the people and work that inspires you or has you in awe. Share your images with us through our flicker page or through Instagram with #CUProject.  We are beyond excited about the journey ahead and look forward to taking it with you.

Happy Shooting,

Jon and Dave